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BeeOptions Review

Whether you’ve heard about it or not – and chances are that you have – one of the latest and most popular movements in making money online is investing in binary options.

Binary Options Trading is a type of stock prediction model where people wager a certain amount of money on whether a particular asset will go up or down in worth during a particular amount of time – and depending on the outcome, the person would often profit a predetermined amount of a specific asset in a very short interval of time.

Expiration time is also predetermined in advance and the investor is aware of it before making an investment.

Investing in binary options is different from buying options on the stock market – most importantly, because it’s faster to collect your returns. When investing on the stock market, you often have to wait weeks or months for your profit, and with binary options, you can even choose the expiration time of the trade yourself, with the chance of making it as short as 60 seconds.

With this type of money making investment there are two final outcomes and no in-between alternatives, which is why it is called binary option.

Bee Binary Options

The binary option trading model exists in form of website platforms since 2008. Bee Binary Options was founded in 2012, which is exactly on the peak rise of this type of trading, and because of that, it offers a large variety of trading types to its users.

The minimum deposit required to start trading is only $250, and the minimum investments start from $5 on the 60 second trade and $25 on all other trades except for the One Touch that demands a minimum of $50.

When a user first registers to BeeOptions, he is offered five different account levels, all of which come with different advantages, depending on the initial deposit amount.

Anyone who registers for a Basic account will get a free e-book about binary option and an investment guide.

Those willing to deposit at least $500 qualify for a Gold account and will get the same rewards as the Basic account, plus one session with a personal account manager, two risk-free trades and up to 100% investment bonus.

If you’re willing to go for the Platinum account, which is said to be many traders’ choice, the minimum deposit is $2500, and some of the assets are one-month free use of Auto Trader, up to 125% investment bonus, a personal account manager and a weekly session with a senior analyst.

The Diamond account starts at $10000 minimum deposit, and includes three risk-free trades, 150% investment bonus, increased payouts on certain assets, as well as daily sessions with a senior analyst.

There is also an Executive account that has a minimum requirement of $25000 and is intended for serious traders, including unlimited consultations.

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The BeeOptions Platform

Unlike many other binary options services, BeeOptions doesn’t require its users to download or install any sort of program on their computers.

The BeeOptions platform is completely web based, meaning a trader can access his account anytime of the day from any computer in the world. Other than that, it’s a highly user-friendly and intuitive trading platform, allowing visibility of convenient information regarding the types of trades and even trading trends – without being tacky.

BeeOptions – Types of Trades and Assets Offered

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As mentioned above, any trader has the option to choose from different types of trades on the values of different assets.

The assets offered by BeeOptions fall into four different categories: there are commodities like gold, platinum and oil, stocks in major international companies, indices and currency pairs.

The Trading Types you can Choose From are These:

Pairs – the pairs trade type is used to predict which one of two competing assets will do better in time intervals ranging from 30 minutes to 12 hours;

High or low – used to predict if a certain asset will go up or down in price;

Long term – basically the same as the high or low type, only with lengthier expiration times;

60 Second trade – the trade with the shortest expiry time of all. The trader can choose from 30 to 120 seconds;

One Touch – this trade is open 24/7 and allows traders to win up to 400% of the invested amount predicting whether an asset will reach a set price

Overall Bee Options Review Conclusion 

All in all, the Bee Options binary trading platform offers quite a lot of options to its traders. Other than the One Touch trades, there is an option for returns that range from 60% to 85% of the investment made.

BeeOptions also has a great customer support featuring message correspondence as well as live chat. The extensive choice of assets and types of trades offered by BeeOptions, range this platform pretty highly compared to most other binary platforms.

With a great user interface, reasonable minimum deposits and trade investments, great user support and a viable set of trading choices, BeeOptions presents a lot of moneymaking potential with easily controllable outcomes – both for experienced traders and the ones that are just starting to develop their skill set.

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